Get to know Broadband Internet and Dedicated Internet

There are two Internet connections that are currently widely used, namely Broadband Internet and Dedicated Internet. So, what is the difference between broadband Internet and Dedicated Internet? Read the explanation so you can find out the advantages and disadvantages of both.

Broadband Internet and Dedicated Internet are two different things. Broadband Internet is a home Internet connection that we usually use on various devices such as smartphones, where the performance and speed are shared between users. Meanwhile, Dedicated Internet is an Internet connection that is usually used for business purposes, for example for offices or co-working spaces. The connection provided by Dedicated Internet is dedicated privately so that you can use the full performance of the Internet.

Most businesses today rely heavily on Internet connections, for example to access search engines, access Cloud applications, access social media, conduct virtual conferences, share files, email and others. Based on these needs, it is very important to choose a reliable Internet service for business continuity. Understanding each type of Internet service will help you determine which type of Internet is appropriate to implement in your business. Therefore, you also need to understand the difference between Broadband Internet and Dedicated Internet.

What is the difference between Broadband Internet and Dedicated Internet?

Apart from performance, in the end these different types of Internet will also help you allocate your company’s operational costs effectively, especially for small scale businesses. There are a number of differences between Broadband Internet and Dedicated Internet. Here are the complete differences between Broadband Internet and Dedicated Internet.

  • Download and upload speed

    One of the advantages of Dedicated Internet is guaranteed bandwidth. Download and upload speeds will always be consistent. This support keeps applications running smoothly and eliminates the possibility of slowdowns that can impact business operations. Uploading large files is usually a common problem that many businesses face. This obstacle can be overcome with Dedicated Internet which offers high speed and low latency. Meanwhile, on Broadband Internet the speed is uncertain because you have to share bandwidth with other users.

  • Quallity of Services (QoS) 

    Latency and other factors also affect Internet access speed. Dedicated Internet service providers usually offer guarantees in the form of a Service Level Agreement (SLA). If at any time the Dedicated Internet connection you are using does not meet these standards, you have the right to request repairs. SLA also ensures that there is compensation if the service provided by the Dedicated Internet provider does not match the reality you get. This guarantee is not available for Broadband Internet services.

  • Problem resolution is faster even though the connection is guaranteed to be the best

    In discussing the differences between Broadband Internet and Dedicated Internet, there is the term response time specified to resolve problems or what is usually called mean time to repair (MTTR). These time frames are outlined in the SLA to allow for quick resolution of issues. The average MTTR for Dedicated Internet connection issues is usually 4 hours or less. This is different from Broadband Internet response times, which can last from hours to days, with no guarantee of a time period. This delay can of course affect your business operations.

  • Dedicated customer service 

    Apart from being fast, Dedicated Internet is also very reliable. With 24-hour support and service monitoring, technical issues can be resolved before they even start. However, if something goes wrong, you will have access to technical support to resolve the issue as soon as possible. You will not find this support on Broadband Internet services.

  • Service fee

    Broadband Internet service costs are indeed more affordable. This is one of the most noticeable differences between Broadband Internet and Dedicated Internet. But of course, price determines quality. With a fairly affordable price, you get just enough performance and support. Dedicated Internet remains a good choice for homes or small offices, especially large-scale companies that rely heavily on Internet connectivity.

From the differences above, it is clear that Dedicated Internet is superior to Broadband Internet. So companies can choose what is needed for the company’s interests and also adjust the available budget.

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