Internet Solutions
The Premium Internet Services with multiple solutions :
Dedicated and Shared Bandwidth Customer can choose, whether to have a dedicated or shared bandwidth, adjusting their budgets, application needs and with various last mile

Unlimited No quota and no extra charge for Internet usage 24 hours per day.

Symmetric and Asymmetric Connection Customer can choose to concentrate both on Download and Upload, or just to pick the higher bandwidth for download urgencies.

The Features
To ensure the quality of our services, our Monitoring Integrated System will keep eyes-on-approach to your connection for 24/7.

Dedicated account manager
Companies who need a quick response and action when having a problem with Internet connections can’t be served by ordinary customer service which doesn’t have capability to make a quick and right decision to handle the trouble.

For this issue, Interlink will provide a Dedicated Account Manager service to help handle the customer’s problems. In other words, One Company will have One Dedicated Account Manager that can be called if and when trouble may have occurred.

Interlink gives 99% guaranteed uptime to customer related to Internet Connection Service. Based on the calculation, Internet Connection will run at least 705.6 hour a month and if the Internet Connections run under those numbers, Interlink will give restitution by reducing internet fee for respected month.

Our MRTG (multi router traffic graph) will let you know the real time use of your Internet Connection. This will help you decide what kind of bandwidth management you should apply to reach the internet efficiency and effectiveness

Interlink knows that the most important thing in Internet Connection is the link availability, at 100%. That is why the company is now using several upstream provider to make sure the internet availability delivered to the customer.

Service Coverage is the key. As one of the oldest Service Provider in Indonesia, we are making sure that we are ready to serve most of Indonesia region, whether to serve with Fiber Optic, Wireless or VSAT.