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Internet security or online security atau Cyber Security dan e-safety is the concept of internet user actions to implement security and protection against the dangers of online crime. The goal of internet security is to prevent internet abuse such as stealing information, information security, and other functions related to Internet use. Internet security is mandatory for individuals, private companies and governments.

Rapid technological developments increase awareness of online criminal attacks that can occur anytime, anywhere, and in any media. The number of internet users in Indonesia continues to increase every year and crime in the online world is also increasing. Internet security is needed to protect against the threat of online crime.

Security classification

According to David Icove security can be classified into four:

  1. Physical security, that is, the security of the entire system as well as the equipment, peripherals and media used.
  2. Data and media security, namely, keeping the software safe and free of viruses so that attackers cannot take data and media.
  3. Security from outside parties, namely, by not being careless by leaking passwords on untrusted systems.
  4. Security in Operations, namely, checking everything related to the security system.

Information security

Information Security is the protection of data and information from misuse by unauthorized parties. Protection of information is very important. Because information is a very valuable asset and has value that must be protected.

According to G. J. Simonsn, information security is an effort to prevent fraud or be able to detect fraud in information-based systems, where the information itself has no physical meaning.

The principles of information security are:

  • Confidentiality, namely that information is guaranteed to be available to authorized people so that unauthorized parties cannot access the information.
  • Integrity means that information is maintained so that it is always accurate. To maintain this information, information may only be changed with the permission of the owner of the information
  • Availability means there is a guarantee that when the authorities need information, the information can be accessed and used.

Personal Security

Personal security is a measure taken to protect personal data and control the flow of personal information from the public. Maintaining the confidentiality of personal information or data is the responsibility of the data owner.

Identity theft

Identity theft is a common problem in the information age because people can easily share information online. If there is not adequate internet security, fraudsters can steal credit card information, health insurance, and personal information from victims through online transactions. Identity theft harms victims because it allows perpetrators to make online purchases, obtain loans, and other actions that harm victims.

Data theft

Data theft is the theft of personal data in digital form from various sources, such as videos, documents and photos. Stolen information is sold and used for criminal purposes. In addition to personal identity information, data theft also includes theft of company data which can result in the loss of information related to finances, product plans and customer data. For the government, the perpetrators stole information about ongoing projects, military strategies and various sensitive information that should not be made public.

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