About PT. Interlink Technology

PT. Interlink Technology is an Internet Service Provider (ISP) company that provides a 24-hours Internet service that includes Bandwidth Services, Connectivity Services, Server Colocations, Managed Service and all IT related solutions and networking services. In its 12th years of service, today, PT. Interlink has gained quite a number and variety of clients spread across the nation that proves we are in the right path and continuously growing.As an industry standard, we have a Guaranteed Service of 99.9% uptime for the internet services. And over the years we have improved our network capacity to minimize downtime and become one of the fastest, most reliable and most complete data solutions to serve clients needs.


PT. Interlink Technology established

Approved to operate as Internet Service Provider

2018 Nation wide Coverage with several Infrastructure Provider

- Partnering with US Based VSAT Company, China Based ISP, Netherland Based ISP, Malaysian Based ISP
- Providing VSAT Services
- Launching a Data Center in Cyber Building 1 Jakarta (IDCS)

Preferred Service Provider for AtriaDC

Strategic Partnership with China and HongKong based Operators

- Acquiring ISPs to cover service expansion - Acquiring Fiber Optic Company to enable Business Availability


Become a leader in Internet and Telecommunications Solutions


To create value for all our stakeholders by providing high class services in information and communication technology related services and products and be able to compete in local, regional and global markets. To provide the highest quality services, using advanced skills and innovative technology and providing a one stop shopping service for our clients.

PT. Interlink Technology's Commitment

Interlink has a strong belief in people, integrity and result oriented. This combination is essential to accomplish the company's primary purpose and at the same time will improve and drive the industry performance in providing solutions to our customers. Interlink's core values are: creativity, integrity, hardwork, and passion are the foundation of the company culture. These values are deeply held and shared by all staff that guides our behavior, decision-making model and daily interaction among staff and team.