Managed Service

IT Consulting and Outsourcing

Information Exchange is vital to many Companies to run their Business properly.

With the arrival of Globalization Era, Companies are expected to constantly improve their Products and Services to stay within a competitive market.

So to stay ahead of the competition, it is very important for Companies to provide their users with Fast, Secure, Easy and instant access to Information and Applications so they can work effectively and productive.

Interlink IT Consulting & outsourcing will provide you with the latest Information Technology available to help to enhance your Business, so you don‘t have to worry about Technical details and focus on makingprofits from your Core Business.

Services we Provide Interlink Games XChange

Currently  Interlinkis operating the first game exchange in Indonesia with the capacity of 6x10 Gb per second of traffic, so the gamers can access game more faster and stable without hindrance and also as alternate exchange besides OIXP and IIX.